Set up for a Continuing Meditation Mindfulness Practice


Your "set up" for a meditation or mindfulness practice starts with a little space that you carve out in your home to wind down. It doesn't have to be a big deal. Just a space to place a zabuton, bench, or chair. Whatever you put in your space, you should be comfortable. If you can sit cross-legged, then start with a floor cushion called a zabuton. A zabuton is a flat cushioned mat around 

36" x 28" x 3".  Zabutons come in different colors so you can match your decor. If you are doing Zen practices, then purchase a black one. Tibetan practices are usually blue or maroon. At home, though you can choose whatever you like. On top of your zabuton, you can also but your meditation cushion, bench or chair. That is your "set up". Now you have a space that you can go to every day to start your practice. Try not to move your zabuton around. Keep it in the same space in your home.  You will find that as you use that space for your practice, it will beckon you. It will become sacred space that calls out to you to come over and practice. Do this and you will find that it will be easier to make your practice consistent. Remember that it isn't about finding the perfect time or perfect place to practice but rather sitting with what you bring to the cushion at the time. A consistent meditation mindfulness practice starts with a great set up in your home. A zabuton is your first item in your set up.

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