Running with the Mind of Meditation

I wish I had gotten this to you sooner.  For all of you runners, this is the course for you.  Running with the Mind of Meditation is an online community of meditators who support mindful exercise around the world. I was first introduced to this by my friend, Josh Weinstein who I met on retreat. His enthusiasm for running and this program made me look into it more and I am so happy to share this program and this offer with you. 

Psst! This offer closes soon! Check it out here Running with the Mind of Meditation 

Here is what my readers will get:

  • Running with the Mind of Meditation course 
  • Running with the Mind of Meditation ebook
  • 10K Training Program 
  • Runner's Most Common Questions 
  • And more, plus new content every month
  • Membership to a community of runners like yourself 

This program has guided meditation, online courses, local running groups, and instructor training. It is all based on the book by my teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche who teaches that physical activity is essential to spiritual well being. 

Read this 5 star review by Tony Schwalm:

"I've been running consistently (that is, more than three times per week and for at least twenty miles total) for over thirty years and have completed marathons, ultras, and Ironman triathlon distance races. Until I read this book, I wanted to have inspirational music plugged into my head and constantly searched for new playlists when the current one lost its magic to motivate. After reading this book, instead of seeking a mood created by music in order to have a good run, I now create my own mood or head out looking to see what I can find by being in the moment. There is enough on meditation in this book to quit looking for external stimulus in order to create internal motivation. You can create your own motivation and enjoy running (or any endurance event) without outside assistance beyond what you can perceive from your surroundings, whether in the woods or the city. This book is full of moments when I stopped reading to underline something and nod to myself. Very good read and excellent practical advice."

Purchase now for only $18 (the ebook alone is $12.99) here- Running with the Mind of Meditation. You get a two-month free trial and a money back guarantee (no questions asked) if you decide this isn't for you. Check it out and let me know how it helped you. 

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