Mindful Jewels- Tiger Pendant representing Meek

jewel jewelry meditation mindful mindfulness pendant

This beautiful tiger pendant is a great reminder of your meditation mindfulness practice. Tiger is a dignity that represents Meek. The tiger walks the earth softly and humbly. It knows what to accept and what to reject. Tiger is a symbol of the legs in the body. It has the karmic quality of pacifying the environment. This beautiful pendant is made of sterling silver from a great brand, Ice Carats, an American owned company.  There is the authentic 925 Sterling Silver stamp on the back.  It has the It is the perfect size (about 1" by 1" or 26mm by 23mm)  to add to a chain necklace or to add to a charm bracelet. It makes a beautiful gift and comes with an elegant free gift box. I love the details on this pendant. The eyes are awake and aware of what is going on. The paws are firmly on the ground. There is free shipping from Amazon for prime members so if you don't like it you can return it. Start a collection of mindful jewels. I love to wear something during the day that reminds me to be mindful and to be present throughout the day no matter what happens. Our life goes by fast so cherish those reminders. Just looking at it is a reminder to me to meditate. Start your collection of mindful jewels with this beauty.

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