Meditation Bench-Great Alternative to Cross Legged Posture

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A meditation bench on top of a zabuton cushion is a good set up to start your daily meditation mindfulness practice. The picture shows how to correctly use it. 
You sit on your heels, raise your hips, and then add the bench to sit on. 

Place your hands comfortably on your thighs. That is a great posture to support your meditation or mindfulness practice without harming your ankles. The shoulders and hips are aligned to keep the back straight to ease breathing. The feet are tucked under the meditation bench and on the zabuton cushion for comfort. This bench cushion I recommend is padded for your comfort. It has fixed legs (not foldable ones) so you never have to worry about it collapsing on you. This bench comes in three different sizes to fit your body type. See how to test:

Bench Sizing Test: To simulate the sitting height of our benches you can sit on a stack of smaller sized books with your legs on either side of them in the kneeling position. Make the stack the same height as listed below for the bench size you are considering.

- 7 3/4 inches to simulate the Large 
- 7 1/4 inches to simulate the Medium 
- 7 inches to simulate the Small 

 These heights simulate the sitting height of our bench when used in its lower position. When using the higher side of our bench you’ll sit about 1/2 inch higher. It is important to have your hips slightly higher than your knees to prevent cutting off circulation. The most important point of all is to find what is comfortable for you and your body while meditating. That is the first instruction. 

It is made with a sustainable wood product. The bottom of the legs has a slight rocker cut to them which makes it easy for the user to find a stable position. It is lightweight and comes in various colors and patterns. I prefer the navy black or the zen black. The padding is thick and the fabric is durable. There is a 30 day guarantee. 

Cross legged positions are not optimal or healthy for everyone. If you are physically able, I would get this meditation bench to start or prolong your meditation mindfulness practice


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